Game Show Mania

Game Show Mania is a game designed for live performance interaction. In general, the idea is to have the audience participate by becoming contestants in a live game show. This will create an atmosphere that is fun and educational for the contestants and the audience.
The game show subjects consist of, but are not limited to current events, cultural trivia, historical trivia, musical trivia, television/movies trivia, and other trivia specific to a particular person, business, or industry. The game is set up to your own tastes and preferences for the specific situation and audience. This game is designed to be fast-paced, exciting and fun for everyone.
Perfect for use at Bars, Hotels, Schools, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Reunions, and Training!
I can emulate many popular TV Game Shows or you can create your own. We supply the questions or you can supply the questions specific to your guests, client, students or employees.


Corporate Events

This is the ultimate tool for training, team building and employee motivation. Educate and train your staff in a unique and different way!

Imagine the possibilities!


This is fantastic for student motivation and class participation.

Make learning fun!


Parties & Reunions

This is  unique and perfect for audience participation and interactive entertainment!

Catch the excitement!